Jasper County Cemeteries

The below list is only a partial listing of Jasper County Cemeteries. We will continue to add them as they are made known to us. If you know of a cemetery not listed here, please send us the name and location so that we may post it here.  We are especially interested in locating cemeteries on private land so they will not become lost.  If the cemetery name is hyperlinked, click on it and it will take you to the compilation done on that cemetery. If you have done a compilation of a cemetery and would like to share it, please send it to us so that we may also post that here.


Feature                                 Latitude         Longitude         Ele(ft)*         Map**

Allen Cemetery                     305048N         0940503W         131              Beech Grove   (FM 777, south of Hwy. 190, SW of Jasper)

Antioch Cemetery*   (FM 1004, NW of Buna)

Bean Cemetery                     303915N         0935302W         118              Kirbyville   (SE portion of Kirbyville, off Hwy 82 next to City Cemetery)

Bessmay Cemetery*  (African American Section)

Bessmay Cemetery*  (White Section)

Bevil Cemetery*

Bishop Cemetery*   (East of Jasper, north off Hwy 63 on dirt road just past Bishop's Creek)

Blount-Seale Cemetery*  (Formerly in east Jasper, identified graves moved in 1950s-60s to Jasper City Cemetery)

Bohler Cemetery*   (NW Jasper County, off Hwy 63 near 255 - exact location unknown)

Boyett Cemetery                   304704N         0935959W         292              Roganville    (NW of Erin on 252)

Boykin Cemetery*   (Far NW arm of Jasper Co., NW of Rocklandoff FM 1014)

Byerly Cemetery                   305428N         0940428W         174              Jasper West

Campground Cemetery          305427N         0940426W         167              Jasper West (West of Jasper, off FM 777, between Hwy 63 and 190)

Cold Springs Cemetery*   (SE Jasper, off Bevil Loop)

Cole Springs Cemetery          305453N         0935823W         262              Jasper East

Craig Cemetery                    302148N         0940425W           33              Evadale   (NW Evadale)

Davis Cemetery Transcription Text* Davis Cemetery Photos   (Off FM 2245, at Bulah Springs)

Denman Cemetery*    (Private property, SW of Call Junction on FM 1004)

Dunkin Cemetery

Dunn Cemetery                    304845N         0940059W         285              Beech Grove

Eaves Cemetery*

Ebenezer Cemetery*   (N. Jasper County, off 255 between Hwy 63 and Sam Rayburn Dam)

Erin Cemetery*   (Next to Boyett Cemetery, on 252 NW of Erin)

Evergreen Cemetery*   (Jasper, on east side of Main Street)

Fairview Community Cemetery*

Friendship Cemetery*   (Roganville, just east of Kyle Cemetery)

Frisby Cemetery                   310302N         0935504W         449             Harrisburg  (NW Jasper Co., off 255, approx. 3 miles east of Hwy 96)

Gandy Cemetery*  (Off dirt road between Magnolia Springs and Beech Grove)

Gilgal Cemetery                    305539N         0940106W         253             Jasper West  (West of Jasper City limits, off Verna St.)

Good/Goode Cemetery         305640N         0940032W         335             Jasper West  (NW of Jasper off 2800)

Graham Cemetery                310323N        0942357W          121             Rockland

Greenwood Cemetery* (Off dirt road between Magnolia Springs and Beech Grove)

Hadnot-Henderson Cemetery  305627N         0940432W         292             Jasper West (Off Hwy 63, NW of Jasper)

Hall Cemetery                     305824N         0940705W         151             Jasper West

Hamilton Cemetery* (Old Zavala)   (NW from Jasper off Hwy 63 near Angelina R. marked with sign)

Hancock Cemetery              305838N         0940537W         312             Jasper West (On NE end of FM 254, off Hwy 63, Peachtree Community)

Hart Cemetery*    (NW from Jasper off Hwy 63, marked with sign)

Haynes Cemetery*

Holton-Grisby Cemetery       305046N         0940647W         125             Beech Grove (Southern Loop of FM 777, just south of Beech Grove)

Homer Cemetery*  (Off 255, between Hwy 63 and Neches River)

Huff Creek Cemetery*   (on Jasper/Newton Co. line, on dirt road between Hwy 63 & 190)

Indian Creek Cemetery*  (near Bevilport in NW Jasper Co., off FM2799 and 1747)

Jasper City Cemetery*  (Main Street, 4 blocks n. of Courthouse)

Jordan Cemetery                 310108N         0941452W         154             Ebenezer

Kealy-Fox Cemetery*   (SW of Browndell, north Jasper County)

Kirbyville City Cemetery*   (East edge of the city)  

Kyle Cemetery Transcription Text     Kyle Cemetery Photos                     304714N         0935309W         239             Roganville  (SW of Roganville)

Lanier Cemetery                   305248N         0940619W         128             Jasper West  (FM 777, just north of Hwy 190)

James Lee Cemetery*   (East of FM 1005, south of Magnolia Springs)

Letney Cemetery                 310421N         0940436W         164             McGee Bend  (At McGee Bend, marked graves moved to Evergreen Cemetery in Jasper when Sam Rayburn Dam built)

Little Hope Cemetery Transcription Text     Little Hope Cemetery Photos      305409N         0940641W         171             Jasper West  (Off FM 777, between Hwys 63 and 190)

Magnolia Cemetery*   (Holly Springs)     (Off MF 1408, east of Jasper)

Magnolia Springs Cemetery*   (on FM 1005)

Mashaw Cemetery Transcription Text*   Mashaw Cemetery Photos

McGee Cemetery                 310335N         0940649W         213             McGee Bend  (Off 255 at Sam Rayburn Dam)

McLemore Cemetery           304758N         0935913W         295             Roganville   (3 miles South of Zion Hill, but apparently graves have been moved to a family plot at Zion Hill Cem.)

Memorial Park Cemetery*     (in Jasper, next to Old City Cemetery)

Menard Cemetery*

Morgan Grave Site*

Morse Cemetery Sect 1 & History  *  Morse Cemetery Section 2 * Morse Cemetery Section 3 * Morse Cemetery Section 4 * Morse Cemetery Section 5 * Morse Cemetery New Sec. pt1 *

Morse Cemetery New Sec. pt 2 * Morse Cemetery West Sec.   302344N         0935850W           62             Buna (South of Buna between Hwys 96 and 62)

Moses Lee Cemetery*   (Family plot at Magnolia Springs)

North Baptist/New Blox Cemetery*   (off Hwy 96 north of Jasper at New Blox Community)

Oak Hill Cemetery*    (Off south loop of FM 777, near Smyth Cemetery)

Olds Dunn Cemetery*   (NW from Erin on FM 252)

Ratcliff-Williams Cemetery

Rayburn Grave Sites* 

Rockwall Cemetery              310317N         0942017W         262             Boykin Spring  (Far NW arm of Jasper Co)

Ryalis Cemetery                  305440N         0940239W         266             Jasper West

Ryall Cemetery*   (in Ryall Acres subdivision, west of Jasper off Hwys 63 & 190)

Sanders Cemetery               305043N         0940541W         131             Beech Grove  (off FM 777, southern loop)

Seale Cemetery                   305641N         0940731W         135             Pace Hill

Smith Cemetery                    304742N         0940006W         243             Beech Grove  (off FM 777, southern loop)

Smith Infants Site*    (off FM 252, NW of Erin)

Smyth Cemetery Transcription Text       Smyth Cemetery Photos            304938N         0940627W         112             Beech Grove

Spring Hill Cemetery             310819N         0935916W         207             Pineland South  (at Browndell, off Hwy 96)

Swearingen Cemetery*   (North of Hwy 190, Holly Springs)

Trotti Cemetery                   305505N         0940120W         223             Jasper West  (FM 2799 western edge of Jasper)

Truett/Allen Cemetery* (FM 252, nw of Erin at Spring Hill)

Watts-Fuller Cemetery          305954N         0940427W         331             Jasper West

Westbrook Cemetery*

West Green Lawn Cemetery* (Western edge of Kirbyville)

Wiess Cemetery* (At Wiess Bluff Comm, off Hwy 96)

Stephen Williams*

Withers Cemetery                303355N         0940051W         102             Tater Patch Lake   (2, both close together off FM 1004, near Cairo Springs Community)

Wright Cemetery*

Yates Cemetery                   305718N         0940702W         174             Jasper West  (off FM 1747 in NW Jasper Co.)

* Cemeteries and information supplied by valued contributors and visitors of this website.

The above list was downloaded from the GNIS On-line Data Base, with the exception of any additions we have made (additions noted with an asterik). If you know of any additions, please send them to us with as much detail as you can (like directions, etc).

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